Amanda is the most knowledgeable instructor trainer I have worked with. She not only understands the needs of her students, she goes above and beyond to be sure that the material makes sense. She ensures that her students can be confident in applying the STOTT PILATES® methodology to clients in all situations. She uses her knowledge to inspire students to push themselves and to be better teachers. I have enjoyed every class taken with Amanda and always learn more than expected.

Elizabeth Qualizza

Fully Certified STOTT PILATES® Instructor

Amanda Fletcher Rice is an extraordinary Pilates Instructor Trainer. After taking the STOTT PILATES® IR course with Amanda, I gave up my career as a high school teacher to teach reformer Pilates. I’ve continued to train with Amanda, in both private and group sessions on all of the STOTT PILATES® equipment, and I credit her with my success as an instructor. Her impressive knowledge of Pilates, the body, and trends in health and fitness is vast and impressive. Not only her expertise but also her generosity, approachable manner, work ethic, kindness, and love for teaching and Pilates make her a consummate professional.  I feel fortunate that I have been able to train under Amanda, and I plan to continue doing so in the future!

Karen Eagleton

NRI Stott Pilates Instructor, Colorado Athletic Club, Inverness

Amanda Fletcher Rice is my preferred Instructor Trainer for the STOTT PILATES®  method.  I’ve been teaching STOTT PILATES® in Texas for 16 years and find Amanda quite unique and very refreshing.

I have also worked with Amanda in a retreat setting where the focus was on exploring meditation techniques and energy dynamics.  I mention this aspect of our learning together to illustrate the foundation for my perceptions of Amanda that have only grown more positive with each shared experience.

I could write a very lengthy paragraph to describe my experience in her workshops however I think it best to list the highlights which I feel most helpful as an instructor and most germane.

Perceptions of Amanda established over the years:

  • Very conscientious
  • She maintains a very high standard of ethics
  • Down to earth and sincere
  • Conveys enthusiasm for all matters relating to the mind/body connection
  • Highly respectful and mindful of all participants in her classes
  • She is always updating her portfolio of information and loves learning from her students.
  • She leads with a heart and mind connection that is kind, compassionate, perceptive and very astute.
  • She has a very keen intellect and sustains a very high level of expertise in her field of study.
  • She has an effortless way of perceiving what is necessary to create a space for the best possible experience for her students.

I think I’ve covered all bases.  Feel free to contact me for a reference. I am happy to share even more wonderful thoughts about Amanda.

Hilary Nixon